Product image upload doesn't work, 500 response by default.

After a fresh install of mage2/laravel-ecommerce everything works great except the product image upload doesn't work out of the box. Obviously this is probably a folder permission problem. Upon debugging it, it appears to be using the route http://localhost:8000/admin/product-image/upload but but returning 500. I've found the productController and found the url where the images are technically supposed to be uploaded to $checkDirectory = '/uploads/catalog/images/' . implode('/', $tmpPath); I've made sure the file permission of all these files are 777 to the max just to be sure. Yet it still doesn't work. Is there something obvious I'm missing? Thank you in advance for your time.

Thanks for raising the bug on forum. Actually i can't replicate the bug in my Windows system but i am guessing that it could be related to forward slash(/) or backward slash (\) difference in windows and other. I just did one commit please do composer update and re try again. Thank you

Thanks for the reply. I've run composer update but the problem hasn't been fixed. If you can tell me what file and line you're trying to modify I'd be willing to play around with it and report back here. Thanks for your help.

Here are the files that can help you to debug the upload feature. vendor/mage2/product/src/Controllers/AdminController.php => uploadImage vendor/mage2/framework/src/Image/ImageService.php => upload I hope it helps. Thanks